Glitch by Heather Anastasiu Book Review

Summary: Zoel is glitching. She isn’t a mindless drone like everyone else around her. Zoel knows she is supposed to report herself—the Uppers might even be able to fix her—but for some reason, she doesn’t. When Zoel finds other people who are glitching, she learns that being able to think for herself is a freedom she can’t give up. Using a special ability that comes with glitching, Zoel and a few other rebels begin to plan their escape.

My thoughts: Glitchs biggest hook is its sci-fi setting. Heather Anastasiu builds quite an interesting world in her debut novel—one that utilizes dystopian elements as well as futuristic tech. Those looking to ease their way into science fiction would do well to start with Glitch, because it reads easily: the description of the technology isn’t too complicated or laborious (although I loved Anastasia’s inventions and how logically they work), and the plot is lightning-quick.

Glitch starts out fairly innocuous, but it soon becomes clear that Heather Anastasiu is a fan of plot twists. There are many, man moments where you’re left completely thrown off guard because of new information. If I learned one thing from reading Glitch, it is to never trust my instincts when it comes to an Anastasiu book. There is no possible way that you’ll be able to figure Glitch out without reading it all the way through. Glitch’s unpredictability was my favorite part of the story because it’s a quality that becomes increasingly difficult to find after you’ve read a lot of YA. Anastasiu brings some much-needed freshness to the genre, both with the world she crafts and with her ridiculous twists.

The characters are the only parts of Glitch that fall a bit short, but this is largely due to the aforementioned plot twists and also the fact that the characters were essentially drones up until the point at which the story begins. I can’t say that I loved the romance, either, but Glitch more than makes up for what it lacks in suspense and drama.

4/5 stars

For those who like: sci-fi, dystopia, escape heists

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